How long do Extensions last?      

Extensions can last 6-8 months depending on how well you take take of them. Maintenance appointments are every 6-8 weeks.

How do I maintain the Extensions at home?

You will receive a document that explains step by step how to properly care for your Extensions at home

Can I swim in my Extensions?

Yes you can swim in the pool or at the beach with your extensions. Proper care after swimming will be explained in the maintenance guide you receive at your appointment. 

Can I blow dry, flat iron, and curl my Extensions?

The Extensions are made of human hair and can be shampooed and styled like your natural hair. 

Can the Extensions be colored to match my hair?

The extensions will be ordered to match your hair as closely as possible but may require additional color. Coloring must only be done by the your stylist Alice. 

Will I be able to feel the Extensions?

After the install and move ups you may feel tightness for the first week. After the first week they will begin to loosen and feel much more natural.