Do you wish your hair was fuller, thicker, longer or all of the above? Maybe you're tired of waiting for your hair to get to that length you've been dreaming of but it's taking forever? 


With the help of the Hidden Beaded Row method, you can have your dream hair within a matter of hours. 

Extensions are the fastest trending service in the salon today. I specialize in Hidden Beaded Row Extensions. This is a sew in method using a beaded track and hand-tied hair.

Extension appointments require an Extension Consultation prior to the install for all new guests.  

During the Extension Consultation we will discuss your goals, decide what would be best for you based on your lifestyle and the type of hair you have.


A non-refundable deposit is required in order to schedule your initial install appointment. This deposit will be applied to your balance on installation day, and the reminder will be due upon service completion. 

The Volume


The Volume Extension Service is perfect for the guest that is looking for thicker, fuller hair.

This is a base price for service. Service includes a 1 row install and up to 4 wefts of hand-tied hair.

The Length


The Length Extension Service is perfect for the guest that is looking for length and thickness.

Service includes a 2 row install and up to 8 wefts of 18" hand-tied hair.

The Show Stopper


The Show Stopper Extension Service is perfect for the guest that is looking for the thickest, fullest and longest hair.

Service includes 3 rows install and up to 12 wefts of hand-tied hair.

Pricing varies depending on your hair goals. The prices can also be customized base on the amount of hand-tied wefts needed, as well as color customization. Each package includes custom blending extension cut, an extensions brush and leave-in treatment.

The proper at home maintenance will be discussed as well as your maintenance appointments to ensure that your extensions stay as healthy as possible. If taken care of as explained the hair can last upwards of 9 months.



How long do Extensions last?      

Extensions can last 6-8 months depending on how well you take take of them. Maintenance appointments are every 6-8 weeks.

What kind of hair are the Extensions made out of?

Extensions are ethically sourced human hair 

How do I maintain the Extensions at home?

You will receive a document that explains step by step how to properly care for your Extensions at home

Can I swim in my Extensions?

Yes you can swim in the pool or at the beach with your extensions. Proper care after swimming will be explained in the maintenance guide you receive at your appointment. 

Can I blow dry, flat iron, and curl my Extensions?

The Extensions are made of human hair and can be shampooed and styled like your natural hair. 

Can the Extensions be colored to match my hair?

The extensions will be ordered to match your hair as closely as possible but may require additional color. Coloring must only be done by the your stylist Alice. 

Can my hair be colored with the extensions in?

The hair around the Extensions can be colored while the Extensions are installed.

Will I be able to feel the Extensions?

After the install and move ups you

may feel tightness for the first week. After the first week they will begin to loosen and feel much more natural. 

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