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2020 is Over, Let’s Celebrate!

Welcome! I’m so excited you’re here and I can’t wait for us to get to know each other over the next year. Let me introduce myself, if you don’t already know me or get to experience sitting in my chair, my name is Alice Frank. I’m the owner of Fresh Hair Studio in downtown Billings. I’ve been a hairstylist for 10 years and I completely love my job. The connection I get to make with you is one of my favorite parts of the job. I love our connection together when you’re in my chair and that’s just it, it’s in the chair. I want to connect with you outside the studio too.

As a hairstylist I get the opportunity to meet so many different people and we talk about literally anything and everything. So that got me thinking. The Billings community has so much to offer, and we seem to discuss many topics when you're in the chair. A few that came up most often were quality time with our close circle, activities to do in Billings, and where to get great food. So it got me thinking. I told Zac that I wanted to forego giving each other gifts at Christmas last year and in exchange I wanted to go on dates every other week in the new year, but the catch was that it had to be locally owned businesses we’d never been to before. Some neither of us have been to, and some only one of us has been too.

We have two small, beautiful children and at times we’re too tired to try anything new and we get stuck in the same routine. I wanted to try something different and spend time doing things each of us likes to do, but that we don’t always do together. I was just tired of us doing things separately, and with our intention of quality time and wanting to get to know each other better, I thought this was perfect! I thought this would give everyone something new to look forward too.

The premise of this blog right now is to recap what dates or activities we do at home or at selected local small businesses. So let me break it down: We’re taking you on a little adventure around Billings and it's incredible activities and restaurants it has to offer. We’re here to help get you into the community and to intentionally get to know more about one another and our beautiful city.

What does this mean exactly?

I’ve created a list of activities you can do at home and in the community. These can be done by just the two of you, with your family, or with a group of friends when you’re comfortable. Zac and I will be doing these too.

How often will this happen?

These dates will be happening every other week. We’ve planned out 26 activities for the year. There are 13 dates or activities you can do at home, and 13 dates or activities at small businesses.

What do I have to do to to participate?

All you need to do is designate one day every other week to doing these activities. I’ll email all the information you’ll need including a description of the date or activity and all the details to make it happen.

Do I have to do this?

Of course not, but I invite you to get to know each other and our small businesses better.

You can follow along on Facebook or Instagram stories to see where and what we’re up to, as well as tips on getting ready for your date or activity. I’ll even be going live when getting myself ready, that way you can ask questions and get real time answers from me before it begins!

Don't worry, I’ll be recapping our date to keep you in the loop, and you'll be able to find this information here on the blog.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, and want to find out more, you can click subscribe on the home page, and since we’re doing this every other week, you won't get an email everyday or even every week.

I'm challenging you to choose one day of the week (remember it's only every other week) that you'd like to consider having a date or activity night. This can be with your friends, spouse, significant other, or your family. Make sure you have some time to yourselves to relax, have fun and get to know each other and Billings a little better.

Who knows, maybe you’ll love this just as much as I think we will, and we will make this a yearly adventure together.

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