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Back To Where It All Began

I’ll be the first to admit that Zac and I have always been good communicators with each other, but over the past couple of months since we’ve started intentionally dating again, we’ve ended up spending more time together, communicating better, and laughing way more than we have in the past.

We met on February 26th, 2012 at Red Lodge Mountain where we were snowboarding. Zac and his buddy asked me if I could hang on Headwaters, and I nodded and said I could - truth be told I actually couldn’t. So instead of smoothly making my way down the run, I not so gracefully hit a tree and Zac watched it happen. I think he was impressed with the fact that I didn’t cry, like at all. However, I was definitely crying on the inside and when I woke up the next day.

We couldn’t make it up to Red Lodge and I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I could make it off the lift it’s been so long. So instead we opted for recreating our earliest memories. Zac was the first person to introduce me to the concept of pineapple on pizza and now I can’t get enough of it. Our go to is Canadian bacon pineapple, or my personal favorite: pepperoni, pineapple, red peppers and black olives. We would order from Redneck Pizza in Laurel since that was where Zac lived at the time.

We made homemade pizza with our must have toppings, and we didn’t have time to get beer, queue needing to drop our kids off and renting our movie. So we went with our new favorite - Chardonnay. The first movie we watched or I should say tried to watch before the DVD stopped working was Rambo, First Blood. I’ve never seen it, and we never tried watching since the first time. It was a great movie! Of course we paused it several times to chat about what was going on in the movie, how terrible it must have been to be a vet after the Vietnam war and how it was the movie that inspired Zac’s father to join the army.

One of the main reasons to pre-planning these dates nights was to create intentional connection with each other and our community. Thus far, we’ve experienced game night, ax throwing, making homemade pasta, virtual golf and reconnecting with our earliest memories, we’re looking forward to seeing that the rest of the year has planned for us. It has been a total blast and I hope it has been inspiring you to connect with your friends, family, or partner and to enjoy what our amazing community has to offer.

I know, who has time to plan this many dates, let alone find the energy to actually follow through? Once you get to thinking about the places, activities and experiences you want to try, planning becomes a breeze. Just pick a day to start, you never know how much you’ll enjoy it and you might even wish you had started sooner. When you have kiddos, fur babies, works crazy, or takes it out of you and the many things at home need to be taken care of, it seems impossible to do this, but I promise it is so worth it.

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Xo Alice

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