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Golf: The Classy Way to Avoid Responsibilities

The only slices I’m used to are in a foil or served on a plate, but this time I was serving up slices left and right, thankfully within the safety of our suite. The last time Zac and I hit the driving range was over a year ago when we went to Top Golf on the Gold Coast in Australia. We had never been golfing before and it was fun to be better at something than Zac for once. I was better at throwing an axe then he was too! Anyways, we heard the Back 9 was an indoor golfing range and had to check it out. I’m so glad we did! I also realized that they’re connected to the Den which is a great place to watch your football teams during the season.

So a little interesting fact about me, I actually enjoy golf. Am I good at it? Sometimes. Am I bad at it? Most of the time. I have my own set of clubs that have been touched a handful of times over the last 10 years. I started playing golf when I was in high school, I think I was a Junior when I started playing. Now I never ended up playing for Senior, because I was too scared to try something new in high school, especially golf. Now that I’m older and wiser, I love trying new things, because honestly, we all are going to suck when we try something new.

I have taken some private lessons at Mitchell golf where I learned about my swing, stance and how you should hold certain clubs, but I still don’t know which club I should be using vs another one when it comes to yardage on the fairway or green. So going to the Back 9 was perfect. It was a way to take the pressure off and still enjoy yourself. Since everyone is in their own suite focusing on their game(s), we were able to just relax and have some fun!

Oh my gosh, you guys, we loved the Back 9! They have about 5-6 different suites you can play in, and this is all virtual. You can choose between roughly 20-30 different courses to play around the world, which I thought was pretty cool. There were even different games you could play if you aren’t interested in playing a round of golf. It’s suggested that you book 1 hour per person, and they said it can take about 4 hours to play a round of golf. We booked 3 hours and it was perfect, we had a blast and definitely could have stayed longer.

One of the coolest things was that there's a suite that offers a variety of sports to play virtually. You can choose between baseball, soccer, hockey and golf in that suite and if you have people who don’t like certain sports they can sit it out, order a beer or a soda and grab a bite to eat. We'll be reserving that suite in the future!

We had one of their regular suites that only had golf, and it was perfect for us. We had Marissa as a waitress and she was phenomenal! We ordered a few beers, their home friends and a pizza, which was delicious! I’m not sure there is anything more fun than being inside when it’s cold, grabbing a beer and playing a sport you’re normally really terrible at and just laughing the entire afternoon. Overall Zac and I had a great time! We’re really enjoying the dates we’ve planned so far and we can’t wait to experience the rest of what we have planned.

If you’re curious what we’ve done so far you can catch yourself up on the blog, and subscribe to the emails so you don’t miss any future adventures! I hope you enjoyed the videos and decide to book yourself an experience at the Back 9. You can visit their website to reserve your suite!

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