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Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Two weeks ago we started our adventure around Billings by kicking it off with a game night at home. We made mocktails with a non-alcoholic gin that we found at Zest and enjoyed some homemade pizza.

Well, on January 29th we experienced something totally new and awesome! We went to Ox Indoor Axe Throwing. YOU GUYS. This was so much fun! I’m never thrown an axe, let alone touched an axe before and this was exciting!

When we arrived we were greeted and asked if we’ve filled out their waiver - this is all done online and can be done prior to arriving for your scheduled ax throwing. I forgot to fill ours out prior and they had a QR code to take us right to the wavier. We filled it out and headed into the arena.

Let me tell you what, it was so cool. At Ox it’s BYOB, whether that be beer, wine, or your fave non alcoholic beverage. We had our own table we could set our things and before you know it it was time to begin our demonstration so we could start having fun.

Before Zac and I began we met Nick one of the owners and their long time friend & employee Logan. They gave us some fun demonstrations so I took advantage and took some photos. Check them out!

Logan explains the differences between the axes and the best ways to hold them.

Ox Indoor Axe Throwing is a family owned business and when they were visiting other states they experienced axe throwing for themselves and decided Billings needed it too. Billings has bowling, bars, a trampoline park but nothing in this area even close at the time. They thought about it for a year and kept wondering if they were crazy and turns out they weren’t! They are located a little off the beaten path, but are definitely sought out. You can find them in the old Billings Gymnastics School building just south of Central Ave off 8th. You can find information at where you can book your reservation and find out information about their axe throwing leagues.

Logan on the left and Nick (owner) in the right share space to show us a team axe throw and get so close in the bullseye with both axes.

If you’ve never been, you absolutely need to give it a go. It was so much fun! I was a little nervous to throw an axe for the first time, but turns out, there wasn’t much to be nervous about. They had games available to play when throwing and Zac and I decided to play 100. First person to get to 0 won. Seems easy, but when you get close to zero you have to get exactly zero to win.

Zac ended up using the axe more when he threw and I used the hatchet which was my personal fave. I kicked Zac’s ass in the game and nailed about 95% of my throws. When we were nearing the end of our hour Nick brought over an axe for us to try. It was the axe they throw during league. This axe was pretty long and heavy, but I gave it my all and throw that bad boy as hard as I could. I was proud of myself for trying something new, because as it turns out I really liked it and had a blast! I might even have to join a league! We were there for an hour which was plenty of time for two people and they set a timer for you, so you don’t need to worry about how much time is left.

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