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New Service Menu & Prices

Something new and exciting is just around the corner! Since May, I have offered a Scalp Spa Haircut that has helped so many clients build a healthy foundation for hair growth. This service was the first of it’s kind in the studio that focuses on the health of your scalp and hair. I can’t want to introduce you to the new color services!

I’ve created these new and improved color services with ease of booking – no more wondering if you booked the right services – and I took the guess work out of what your appointment will cost now and the next time you come in. There will still be add-on services such as an additional gloss or brow color if we need one to complete the service, but I worked hard to eliminate the unknowns to create a streamlined service menu.

I want to make this the most laid back, luxurious experience possible. I know luxurious can sound a little stuffy, but I promise there is no stuffy stuff involved. These additional amenities will help protect the integrity of your hair and ensure that we have enough color to complete your service.

I wouldn’t be a great stylist if I ignored the health of your hair just to give you a quick color, and as YOUR stylist and friend, I am devoted to caring for you and your hair.

Your appointment should be something you look forward to and a way to care for yourself. In May of 2020, I discontinued double booking services, which has gifted me the time to focus solely on you during your reserved appointment time. This has eliminated feeling rushed and sharing the studio with someone else. We’re going to continue to reserve the studio just for you, and this gives you the opportunity to enjoy your time the way you want.

Effective September 1st, there will be adjustments to the service menu and prices. I’m excited to continue serving you to the highest level of excellence and providing you with exceptional service and experience in a relaxing and luxurious environment.

Online booking will look slightly different, as I have simplified services to offer you a better range of freedom in case you’re unsure which service is right. These services are represented by starting prices. We will discuss if any additional services are needed before your service begins.

You’ll find a link to the new service menu and descriptions below. I encourage you to take a look and let me know if you have any questions regarding your upcoming service. If you need any referrals or recommendations for a different salon or stylist, I am happy to assist. Just simply reply to this email anytime, and I’ll be happy to help you!

I would love to walk you through the changes for your upcoming appointment and answer any questions you may have. I look forward to continuing to provide you with an exceptional experience at Fresh Hair Studio.

I am forever grateful that you trust me to take care of you.

Xo Alice

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