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Our new fave wine tasting spot in Billings!

Oh my gosh, it has been a hot second since we’ve caught up. We had to push our date out a week due to some under the weather kiddos. Now that everyone is back to their happy healthy self, it’s time to hit up our next date spot. We decided to check out City Vineyard in their new location and have a wine lasting, and it did not disappoint!

Zac and I had a wonderful time! I’ve only been there for brunch, which mind you is incredible, the even have a mimosa flight where you can order a glass or a bottle (I suggest the bottle if you’re with friends) and you get different styles of flavoring so you can craft your own! Zac and I have done wine tasting at the food and wine festival but we’ve never actually sat and enjoyed a wine tasting at City Vineyard before. When we arrived at City Vineyard we were able to get a seat at the bar. It wasn’t super busy, but there were a lot of reserved tables, so next time we go I’ll be sure to make a reservation.

We loved our experience at City Vineyard and it was so much fun! Zac and I both agreed that it was one of our favorites to date. We can never go wrong with a tapas and wine flight date. This could easily be done at home but ordering takeout, or asking them to put a basket together with a charcuterie board and a couple bottles of wine, and if wine isn't your favorite you can try something from the beer selection.

One thing I love about City Vineyard is that they are so great at recommending bottles to you. They always ask a few different questions like what are you looking for, what do you enjoy drinking, what’s are you looking to spend on the bottle. I love the last question because I can get an incredible bottle of wine under $20 for a weeknight dinner or a more expensive bottle for a gift or a family gathering. They are so helpful especially if you’re looking for something different but don’t know where to start.

Zac and I shared and very much enjoyed a flight of white and red wine. Each flight had 3 different wines, and we asked the bartender to surprise us based on what we ordered for our tapas. They knocked it out of the park! I almost always ask the waiter or bartender for a recommendation based on what I enjoy or what I'm ordering because they know their wine better than I do. However, if you're anything like me when you're at a restaurant, you also have no shame in just pointing to the wine on the menu because if you try to pronounce it you'll just butcher it.

We were given a white wine flight to pair with our Vintage board. The flight of white wine from left to right is Coeur de la Reine - Sauvignon Blanc, Keuntz-Bas - Pinot Blanc, and Fontsainte Gris de Gris - Rose. I loved every single white we had! Next we had our red wine flight that we paired with the Smorgasbord board. On the red wine flight we tried from left to right Lapierre Rasins - Gamay, La Spia Castelasc Rosso - Nebbiolo, and Blackslate - Red Blend (this was my fave!) The red wine flight was great, but I enjoyed the whites better and went home with a bottle of the Rose.

We enjoy wine and love asking for recommendations, and City Vineyard is the best! They have amazing customer service, wine, and food. It’s the perfect trifecta. We will absolutely be back!

Xo Alice

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