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Where one door closes, another opens and that is how we're walking into the next month.

Have you ever been so ready to start something new that you end up having to take a few steps back before you can actually move forward with progress?

While doing research the other night on a new project for the salon I stumbled upon a funny story about when I fell of the rower at Orangetheory Fitness. I had probably been going for nearly 2 years at this point, so it wasn't my first rodeo on the rower. 

We were suppose to get to 2000M as quickly as possible so there I went. About 5 rows late I accidently let the handles slip from my hands and off the back of the rower I went. I was so embarrassed and mortified! 

Fast forward a few years, I'm no longer on the rower, but a similar situation happened, and thankfully behind closed doors. Since March of '23 I have been searching for the perfect location to expand Fresh Hair Studio and by golly I found it!!

I thought I was ready to expand and expected to have it done by last year in October. Yes, I was that sure of the plan. Instead of going full speed ahead I ended up grounding myself and realigning my goals to what was needed vs wanted. I worked on the not so sexy parts of expansion and have been keeping quiet about it all.

So here's to one door closing and another opening. Fresh Hair Studio is staying in the heart of downtown, but we're moving on up... to the 2nd floor of the Grand Building where the incredible Jake's downtown is located.

New Location to come Summer 2024


Fresh Hair studio is growing and we're gearing up for our expansion this late Spring early Summer. Appointments will not change as of now, but as soon as we get closer to have an official move in date we will notify you.

We're so excited about this move because it will double our square footage and allow Elle and I to better serve you both in and out of the salon. 

Don't worry nothing is changing to much, but some much anticipated updates will be made to enhance your experience. You've probably noticed a few additional pieces of decor in the salon, and those are here for the long haul.

I was recently at TJMaxx and they had gotten a shipment of disco ball planters... I couldn't resist so I grabbed 2. It wasn't until I was in line to check out that someone behind me commented on the disco balls and what I was planning on doing with them. I have been collecting different sizes and shapes for a while now because there is just something to joyful about them.

Whether it's the fun and carefree feeling the give off or the shimmer against the wall where light is reflecting off the sides, but the census is in and disco balls have passed the vibe check!

When I thought about the connection between disco balls and people, I immediately thought of how they're both multifaceted and multi-dimensional. Why limit yourself to being only one version of yourself when you can love every version of yourself.


Celebrate your authenticity and individuality!

Do you love the disco balls too?


These cold months are no joke and with dryness can come breakage and we want you to have the healthiest, softness and most beautiful hair all year long. 

During the month of March take advantage of our in-salon concentrated treatments. These treatments are $20 and range between hydrating, thickening, bond building, smoothing and so much more. 

Stock up on your favorite hair care masks this month to help combat the fluctuating weather we're still experiencing.

Unsure which mask is right for you? Ask your stylist and she'll be able to get you hooked up. Plus, you'll also receive a FREE* product sample with your retail purchase this month!

*While supplies lasts



The past couple of months have FLOWN by and we're living for the moments in between.

Elle has been busy chasing her beautiful babies, spending time with family and gutting their basement for a remodel! When she had free time she was reading some incredible series, and if you're into fantasy books you should check out Elle's recommendations:

Throne of Glass Series 5 stars

Fourth Wing & Iron Flame 5 stars

Crescent City Series 4.5 stars

The Dark Window & Twisted Crowns 5 stars

Alice and her family moved from the 59102 to the 59105 in March and their son is thriving in his new school with his new teacher. Between unpacking, soccer practice and work they don't have much time for much else right now, but that's just the season they're currently in. Thanks to Elle's book recommendations, she is working her way through the Throne of Glass Series and is loving it!

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