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Loyal client experiences with Alice


These experiences are for LOYAL GUESTS with extensions. 

Confident female smiling and leaning against wall



This service is perfect if you need to request an appointment to move-up your 1 row of extensions.

Click to request are:

Confident blonde female looking down



This service is perfect if you need to request an appointment to move-up your 2 rows of extensions.

Options to request are:


These services are results driven and they've been expertly designed to help you achieve your hair goals. With services that range from grey coverage, to modern dimensional color, and sew-in hair extension transformations, I've got you covered.

Happy blonde woman laughing



This is the perfect service for maintaining a traditional partial highlight, root touch up, and all over color. Choose this if you need your gray blended or covered and give your hair color a refreshed look with this experience. The recommended maintenance for this service is every 5-7 weeks.

Confident brunette laughing



Give your hair color a moderate upgrade while maintaining your current color with soft modern looking dimension and depth. I will choose the correct color techniques to achieve your goals. This service is great if you need a partial foil & gloss or additional blonding around the front hairline with a root touch up. The recommended maintenance level is every 7-10 weeks

Woman laughing and playing with her hair



This service is perfect for you if you want noticeable upgrades to your hair color including a full foil & gloss, root touch up & partial foil, or a combination of traditional and modern foil techniques and restore your hair back to a modern looking hair color that adds depth, shine, and dimension to your color. The recommended maintenance level is every 11-14 weeks.

Confident woman laughing and holding her arm



This experience is perfect if you want to achieve the ultimate lived-in, modern looking hair color with the combination of multiple techniques to create maximum brightness, depth & dimension, or to completely change your hair color. Give your color an entirely new life with this all-encompassing color experience that adds significant change to both blondes or brunettes who want a big transformation by creating an ultra modern look color with an effortless grow out. The recommended maintenance level is every 3-4 months.

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