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Experience  effortless styling and endless confidence with hair that's just like yours, but  better.

Whether you’re seeking the confidence boost of fuller hair, or adding several inches of length, Hand-Tied Hair Extensions are the safest and most natural looking extensions available today.

To get estimate for your personalized install package submit the Digital Consultation below.

Before I tell you all about these life changing and time saving hair extensions, let’s talk about who hand-tied hair extensions are really for…


Are you...


· The woman who wants to feel like the version of herself she loves or desires to be, because her hair has thinned over the years and wants the fullness and volume added back to her hair.

· The woman who wants to even out her hair and add a few inches of length, because her hair just doesn't seem to grow, no matter how long she's bee trying or how well she is taking care of her hair.

· The woman who is frustrated and tired of wasting time styling her hair when it never seems to last, and wants her style to be effortless.

· The woman who tried many other extension methods and ended up less than impressed, leaving her with frustration and stress, because they were noticeable and uncomfortable.

First off, you’re in the right place and I’m going to show you exactly how hand-tied hair extensions can help shift your self confidence, save you time and help you enjoy your day to day life more.

What others are saying...


"I am obsessed with the length and thickness that Hand-Tied Hair Extensions give me and they save me so much time during the week because they're so easy to style."

- Lauren M.


"These extensions allowed me to feel better about myself and, in turn, it affected so much more about my self-confidence. They are life changing!"

- Amanda O.


"I’ve had many types of extensions and since I have fine, thin hair I always worried about the extensions showing. Since I've switched to Hand-Tied Extensions, I've never been more confident and I'll never go back!"

- Lisa S.

What to expect at your first appointment...


As a first time extension guest with me, you'll receive a little extra time in my chair to ensure we have a detailed discussion prior to beginning your service. We will have the opportunity to discuss aftercare, and create the most seamless blend between your hair and the extensions so no one will ever know you're wearing them.


Initial install appointments are personalized with 4 essential parts: length & amount of wefts, number of rows needed to achieve your goals, customized color & cut to blend seamlessly with your hair, and proper after care education & products to maintain your extensions between move ups.


Ready to experience the ease and confidence of hand-tied hair extensions for yourself? Click the link below to fill out my digital consultation form so I can create a customized quote based on your specific hair goals. I cannot wait to see you in my chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of hair extensions do you use?
    I utilize high quality Hand-tied and hybrid wefts for your extension install. This prevents bulkiness at the scalp and ensures that your hair lays flat against your head with the ultimate flexibility and comfort. Depending on your lifestyle, hair type, and budget we will chose the right wefts for you.
  • Do you use human hair
    Yes, the hair I use for your install is 100% human hair that is ethically sourced in West China.
  • How often do these extensions need to be maintained?
    Hand-Tied Hair Extensions need to be maintained every 6-8 weeks, sometimes even 10 weeks. This is called a maintenance or a move-up appointment. The rows and wefts are removed and reinstalled with new beads and threads.
  • How long does my hair have to be?
    For most guests I like to see your hair longer than your chin, however it definitely depends on your desired look. Your shortest layer should be at least to your chin in the front and the occipital bone in the back to make sure wefts don’t show. If your length or layers are shorter a mini row may be needed for blending.
  • How much do Hand-tied Extension services cost?
    Install costs vary from person to person. To get an accurate estimate for an install fill out the Digital Extension Consultation.
  • How are these attached to my head?
    The foundation of your rows are built with your hair and silicone lined beads, then the wefts are then sewn onto the foundation created.
  • Can I wear my hair in a ponytail?
    Absolutely! Hand-tied Extensions offer a lot of versatility when it comes to styling your hair up and down. They are so comfortable you should be able to wear your hair in a ponytail after your install.
  • Can I workout or go swimming with my Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?
    Yes, you can workout or go swimming with your extensions. You can live a relatively normal life with extensions as long as you are taking proper care of them at home. A home-care guide is sent home with you to ensure you know how to protect your investment.
  • Will it take me longer to style my hair?
    Since you'll have additional hair you may experience spending more time on your wash day as it can take longer to wash and blow dry your hair. However, the bright side of this is that your extensions will restyle with ease, because they hold a style longer and better than natural hair. Tips and tricks for styling your extensions can be found on my Instagram account: @freshhairmt.
  • How many rows will I need?
    This is completely dependent on how long or short your hair is currently and what you want to achieve with extensions. This will be discussed and finalized at your free in-person consultation after you've completed the Digital Extension Consultation.
  • How long will the extensions last?
    The longevity of your extensions is completely dependent on how well you take care of your extensions and follow the home care guide between visits. Some clients need to replace their hair every 6-9 months and others are replacing theirs every 12-15 months.
  • What is the maintenance of Hand-tied Hair Extensions?
    Hand-tied hair extensions need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks especially with find hair. If you're doing an exceptional job caring for your hair you may be able to extend your move ups between 8-10 weeks.
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