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I’m Alice a millennial mom and entrepreneur whose been serving up confidence and helping women kick bad hair days to the curb in Billings MT. 


As a woman who struggled with wearing many hats that always felt like she was expected to fit into the boxes and labels society gave us, I understand the importance to being true to yourself, and enjoying the little things in life.


With over 13 years of experience as hair stylist, I truly love with what I do and who I do it for! My expertise lies in modern hair coloring and sew-in hair extensions for a low maintenance natural look, as well as coaching you on how to easily care for your hair so that you can save time in and out of the salon.

While most color and extension specialists offer a great first visit and a solid maintenance plan, I approach my role as your stylist differently. I work collaboratively with all my guests to create a long-term plan that protects and maintains your hair health, color, and style so it is always looking fresh. You'll never feel bored or stuck in a routine. I'll be there for you throughout the year, checking in to address any new issues that may arise, and together, we'll overcome them.


If I'm not in the salon kicking bad hair days to the curb, I most likely mommin’ hard with my kids, trying out a new recipe, or curling up with my golden-doodle, Poppy while obsessing over my current hobby - knitting. I love spending time educating myself on how to take my business to the next level either from the comfort of home or traveling coastal, and updating my style from my fave local boutiques, all while taking the moments in between to enjoy the little things in life. 


When we meet, don't forget to share your favorite recipes or current obsessions with me, and while we’re at it we can chat about and plan how to achieve your future dreams!


Ready to step into your confident self? Click below to begin your new guest journey!


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Alice Frank laughing and leaning forward


Alice has been boosting confidence in the  Billings community since 2010, and wouldn't have it any other way

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